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Formerly The How To Get Healthy and Get Pregnant Podcast. Why am I not pregnant yet? How do I chart my body temperature? What foods should I be eating? How do I know if I'm ovulating? When is the best time to do the baby dance? These are all the questions swimming in your head if you're a woman who is trying to get pregnant. And let's face it, the internet is a crowded place for fertility information. It can be overwhelming and confusing. You don't have to sort through all of it on your own. Adrienne Wei, Acupuncturist and Integrative Fertility Guru with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is here to help. Her number one passion is to help women get pregnant and become the mother they are meant to be. Discover why thousands of women on the Trying-To-Conceive journey have turned to Adrienne to learn about her trademarked Practically Fertile® Methodology.
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Dec 20, 2018

I have an incredible episode planned for you today.

I’ve invited my good friend Shannon Schultz-Wooten back on the show.  She gets a trophy for having the most number of appearances on the podcast.  

Shannon is a Life Coach & writer. Specifically, she is is a mindset coach for visionary entrepreneurs ready to trail blaze a path to wealth & intimacy. She is a rebellious, creative junkie, who believes that life can be whatever we want it to be as long as we have the sass, class, & willingness to create it.  She is also the author of Infertility Sucks, You Don't coming on on December 24th.  Mark your calendar. 

Lately I was really noticing that so many of you get stuck in this loop of "if I can just get pregnant, my life will be so much better;"" if I do these few things, then I’ll get pregnant;" "Please god, diving power or universe, if I do this, can I please have a baby."

This is what Shannon calls bargaining and it never works to bring us happiness or the results that we’re looking for.  

Don’t get me wrong, the right strategy does matter, I talk a lot about nutrition, lifestyle, strategies around ovulation and implantation.  And If you don’t have the right strategy you’re going to be spinning your wheels.

But strategy aside, if you’re not in the right frame of mind, it can hold you back because as humans, we’re really good at getting inside our own heads.

We’re really good at telling ourselves that we’re not enough, we’re not worthy, we’re not deserving.  And then these thoughts spiral out of control and you end up sabotaging your own efforts.

And not only that, we become really good at pointing fingers and playing the blame games.  Life sucks, life is not fair, blaming our bodies for failing, blaming our husbands for not having super sperm, blaming other people for their happiness, how dare this person invites me to a baby shower knowing what I’m going through.  

I can go on and on about all the pearls of wisdom that Shannon shared but I don’t want to spoil it for you.  I think you need to have some context around them otherwise they’re just quotes on paper.

To connect with Shannon:

You can email her at

Check out her Facebook Page @ Shannon Wooten

And instagram account @shannonwooten


Dec 15, 2018

You may notice that some episode are missing!  That's because I need to update some outdated information.  

Be patient :) New episodes are coming soon.

Nov 8, 2018

Thanks for patiently waiting for the next new episode of the podcast.  

I talk to so many of you about taking time for yourself and how taking a break can really re-energize you.

Well, that's exactly what I'm doing :)

Don't worry, I'll be back real soon with new episodes to help you reach your goal of getting pregnant.  Until then, join us in our private Facebook Group to get support and advice.

To join the group, just search for How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant and ask for permission.

See you all very soon.



Aug 31, 2018

This is episode a lot of you have been waiting for.

Keto diet is all the rage right now.  Everyday, I receive many emails from women who are trying-to-conceive and wondering if the Keto diet is the right diet for them. 

I want to you to meet Carrie Jackson, Registered Dietician and MS of Nutrition.  

I invited Carrie on the show because she's a nutrition expert first and foremost.  And I want to discuss the keto diet because I think there are misconceptions about the diet, its purpose, and also its benefits and risks.

Let's dive into the conversation with Carrie Jackson on the Keto diet.

Aug 23, 2018

You know how I'm always talking about the trifecta to getting pregnant?  Nutrition, lifestyle and mindset?  So many of you ask me for tips and tricks on how to improve your body physically, but no one ever asks me for advice on how to get into the right mindset.  

Yet, mindset is ⅓ of the pie, a crucial piece of the getting pregnant pie.

But how do you get into the right mindset? Is it simply practicing gratitude and meditation?  Is it simply just think positively? If you’ve followed me long enough you would know that the answer to that last question is a "no."

So today, I have brought a very special guest to the show to talk about getting into the right frame of mind through being present, setting intentions and meditating.

Meet Jane Ritz, other wise known as Jane the guide.  Jane is an energy healer and sonic meditation expert.  

Now don’t make the mistake of turning away from this episode and thinking that it’s way too esoteric and "woo woo."  There is nothing "woo woo" about this episode because we’re going to be talking about real action steps that you can take to get into the right mindset and I guarantee that you’ve never heard anything like this before.

To sign up for my free mini-course, Your Complete Blueprint To Getting Pregnant, click HERE.  

Aug 16, 2018

This topic is an especially hard one to talk about because it has to do with my perfectionism because, I like to be perfect all the time.  In fact I feel like I have to be perfect all the time.

I want to really highlight this today because It’s taking me a super long time to realize that my perfectionism could be standing in the way of my own success.  And perhaps you’ll resonate with some of the things that I’m going to talk about so bear with me.

And I always say that self awareness is the first step. If you’re not self aware then it’s going to be hard to take action.  So I think this episode will apply to a lot of you if not all of you who are listening out there.

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Free Mini-Course: Your Complete Blueprint to Getting Pregnant

Aug 9, 2018

It doesn’t seem fair but we all know someone who was so frustrated, then says screw it all, I’m going to party like a rockstar this month, eat what I want, do what I want...and they end up getting pregnant.

So is there some truth to just relax and it’ll happen?

I know so many of you love the tips and tricks but  I keep noticing over and over again inside the private group that a lot of you are stuck on the mindset piece.

So this is not going to be an episode where I tell you that you can’t feel a certain way because that’s not how I do things.  But what’s really interesting is that in Chinese medicine, each emotion is tied to a certain organ system.  And each emotion can absolutely have an impact on the functions of each organ system, and ultimately fertility.

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Jul 5, 2018

Today’s podcast episode is all about money- or rather deciding which blood work panels and diagnostics are TRULY WORTH the financial investments that come with them.

Today’s episode kicks off a new mini-series I’m doing called, “Where Should I Spend My Money?” For today, we’ll talk about:

----> The standard tests you should ALWAYS ask for…

----> The test to get if you haven’t had your period in 3+ months…

----> When a uterine biopsy makes sense… and when it doesn’t.

----> What tests your partner should be getting...

----> And you’ll get my thoughts on the HSG test, sonograms, laparoscopies…


Listen, I know it’s overwhelming just to read that list above… and depending on your insurance or the type of test, you’re probably seeing $$$ all over the place.

But this is important- and with new advice, information and “internet experts” coming from all aspects of your life- I promise this episode will help break it down CLEARLY and CONCISELY so you spend money on the right things at the right time.

Jun 28, 2018

It’s hard to let things go sometimes- especially when we’re looking for answers. You’re not getting pregnant so CLEARLY it’s something you’re doing wrong, right?

Well… no, not always.

Sometimes it simply is just the timing... and has absolutely nothing to do with what flavor tea you’re drinking.

Yes, you do need to pay attention to lifestyle habits…

Yes, you do need to cut certain things from your diet…

And HECK YES, you do need to understand your cycle…

But still, there are just some things that you can officially toss in the “WHO CARES BUCKET!”

And that’s what we’re going to gab about today!

On today’s episode I’m going to:

----> Break down the top 4 things I hear people worrying about most…

----> Explain why they aren’t worth becoming a worry-wart over…

----> And there’s a little bonus “ah ha” moment about spleen energy and digestion I think you’re going to like…

Quit pulling your hair out over every little thing and join me to catch a breather.

TTC is exhausting <<<------- But when it comes to this, YOU control the level of chaos… and I think you’ll feel much better for doing so!

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Jun 21, 2018

Angie and I met over 10 years ago when we shared a mutual working space. Basically, as a fertility acupuncturist I helped women get pregnant and then as a massage therapist- with a focus on fertility and prenatal care- Angie helped them through their pregnancies.f

She was like the PB to my Jelly <3

And now she’s here to talk with us today! She’s basically a self-care guru and today we’ll be talking about the things you can do to help increase fertility and decrease pain or discomfort throughout the pregnancy from home.

In today’s episode of the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant podcast you’ll hear us dishing on:

---> All things massages: how it works for fertility, why to get them while pregnant, and how to find a massage therapist who specializes in them near you.

---> Castor Oil… and how to use it most effectively.

---> And of course more #selfcare hacks so you can take care of your body before, during and after baby!

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Jun 14, 2018

There’s nothing worse.  Like literally… nothing.

Here you are doing EVERYTHING you’re supposed to be doing: eating healthy, tracking your cycle, keeping your stress as low as possible and reading- or listening- up on #AllTheThings… and yet, there it is AGAIN!

So much for that stress.

It’s almost like it’s mocking you- telling you you’re not worthy <<----- Newsflash: NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Still, it hurts. Stings. Breaks you down and sometimes makes you want to throw in the towel. Trust me, after 10+ years in this sacred space, I’ve seen and heard it all- and I promise, you’re not alone.

On today’s episode of the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant podcast, I’m going over the 5 steps to overcoming disappointment after a BFN:

---> Yes, it is similar to the stages of grief- and owning those emotions is essential!

---> I’m going to open up about some of my own struggles in life and how I overcame those moments of being ready to quit…

---> And I have a freebie to help you outline the emotions you go through to help you walk through to the other side quicker and more effectively than letting it continue to build up and break you down.

Will the BFN ever get easier? Unfortunately not- but that doesn’t mean we give up our dream of starting a family, right?

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Episode 74 Freebie

May 31, 2018

My guest today is Jocey Rodriguez, my right hand person.  She has been on show multiple times and if you’re part of our private Facebook group, you certainly have benefited from her expertise.  

A couple of weeks ago, Jocey and I were discussing cases, and we got on the topic of fertility urban legends that people believe to be true and how we wish these urban legends didn’t spread like wildfire.  

And you know what I’m talking about.  “Eat pineapple and drink pomegranate juice.” “Use Robitussin to thin the cervical mucus.”

Listen we totally get it, when nothing is happening the way you envisioned, you want answers and you want to know what you can do today to fix it all.

I asked Jocey to be on the show today because 1) It gets lonely sometimes flying solo and 2) I wanted a little extra help to debunk some of the popular fertility legends that are out there.

These urban legends, while none of them are harmful, and in fact they might help some people, they are not the best way to approach your fertility.  

OK, so we’re going to:

  • Debunk the top 6 urban legends when it comes to TTC
  • The alternatives and practical actions you can take instead.


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Private Facebook Community

May 24, 2018

If you’re not pregnant right now I still want you to listen to this episode because here is the thing, setting a solid foundation for a healthy pregnancy and also post-partum,  directly impacts your abilities to get pregnant in the future.

We have a lot of mamas in the private group that are trying for a second or third child.  And while they didn’t have any problems the first time, this time around seems harder. Well,  that’s because the kidney energy is a bit more depleted. So while we can’t replenish the kidney energy, we can preserve it better.  And how you take care of yourself during pregnancy and post- partum can affect how well you preserve that energy.

I will go over in detail:

  • Considerations for diet, exercise and self-care throughout all three trimesters of pregnancy.
  • How to induce labor naturally.
  • The one mistake most women make post-partum and the most important thing you need to do to take care of yourself.

Remember, we inherit a limited amount of Kidney energy from our parents.  So, the healthier you are, the more you have to pass down to your baby and future generations.

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Private Facebook Community

May 17, 2018

I’m going to talk about something I love dearly,  and that is acupuncture.

I talked about how specifically you should go about looking for an acupuncturist before, but there are still lots of misconceptions surround acupuncture itself.  

So in this episode, I want to go into detail and:

  • clear up some misconceptions
  • talk about about what a typical acupuncture treatment should look like from beginning to end
  • what you can expect to feel during the treatment and after the treatment.  

I hope to ease your fears about acupuncture because it is such a powerful tool to help you get pregnant.  I don’t want you to stop treatment or have your fears get in the way because of misconceptions, or because someone didn’t take the time to talk to you about what to expect.  

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Apr 26, 2018

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week.  

I know a lot of organizations are raising awareness this week about this with activities and inspirational stories, and we’re doing the same at the office.  But one thing I refuse to do is to use the word infertility and call this a disease. It’s not a disease.

Just saying infertility makes me cringe because I do not like that word at all.  I avoid it at all cost, like a plague.

Every woman is practically fertile, period.

But infertility has become an identity for so many women.

What you don’t know is that our identify drives the stories that we’re telling ourselves.  An identity is created based on some type of experience that we encounter, and we interpret the experience and ultimately form a belief around the experience.  Then we craft stories based on this belief that become our identify, and our identity fuels our stories. It’s a loop that goes round and round and round.


And it is exactly why in this loop, a lot of self sabotage happens.  


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Private Facebook Community

Apr 19, 2018

In today’s episode, I interview Sarah Kaminski.  You may remember her from an honor coaching call episode #61.  I coached Sarah on how to recover from her most recent miscarriage.  And most recently when we talked, I’m happy to report that her hormones levels have improved dramatically I’m just so excited for her because I truly feel pregnancy is just around corner for her.

But today, I specifically wanted Sarah to come on the show because Sarah is Certified health coach with a passion for plant-based diet.  And today, we’re going to talk all about plant based diet for those of you who are trying to conceive and are vegetarians.

Although you’ve heard my spiel about animal protein vs. plant based protein in episode #46, I never try to force or persuade anyone to ditch their vegetarians diets because I’m respectful of the reasons why someone might choose not to eat meat, whether it’s ethical reasons or whatever.  

But what I’m finding is that a lot of vegetarians, especially those who are trying to conceive do not balance their meals to optimize fertility.  And since I’m not a plant-based diet expert, I’ve asked Sarah to help me out and talk about how to thrive on a plant based diet.

Don't forget to download Sarah's freebie! 

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#61: Honor Coaching Call: I Help Sarah With Her Pathway to Pregnancy

Apr 12, 2018

Remember the “Now What Series” way back when, I went through the popular conditions and what you can do if you were diagnosed with PCOS, unexplained infertility, endometriosis, High FSH.  But I have talked about this one condition.

There comes a time on every woman’s fertility journey when you start to get discouraged because nothing you’re doing is working.  Many of you will eventually consult a medical doctor, hopefully a Reproductive Endocrinologist. The doctor will run a standard set of bloodwork and do an HSG.  HSG is what’s known as the dye test, or hydrosalpingogram. This procedure is useful to look at the uterus and tubes to see if they’re healthy and connected.  

Many women discover that there are blockages in their tubes after the HSG.  So on one hand, it’s a relief to know that there’s an answer as to why things are not happening.  But on the other hand, it can feel like your fate is sealed...if the tubes aren’t open, how is the sperm going to get through.  

Everyone’s situation is different.  At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you.  But today, I want to talk to you about:

  • Common causes of blockages in the fallopian tubes
  • What you can do if you’ve found out that your tubes are blocked.  
  • Should you be moving on to medical procedures in this situation


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Mar 29, 2018

In our private group, I get this general feeling that there’s so much information out there and it’s hard to figure out who to listen to or what applies to you.  But a common theme that I’m sensing is that many people are putting stress on their bodies without even realizing it.

If you remember from a previous episode, we went over the idea of the kidney energy reservoir and how genetics, lifestyle choices can seriously impact how quickly we use up the energy in the reservoir.  Even though I think people get this concept that if you withdraw from a savings bank without depositing back in, you’ll end up with a deficit...I don’t think the message really hit home because Chinese medicine concepts can be a little abstract.  

So today I want to approach this from a functional medicine perspective and talk about stress, the different types of stress, and how it seriously damages your HPA axis and therefore can affect your chances of getting pregnant.  

In this episode, I will:

  • Explain the concept of hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis
  • The four common stress triggers that can cause HPA axis dysregulation
  • My top tips on how to rebalance the HPA axis

I’ve also created an assessment for you to gauges your risk for HPA axis Dysregulation, and it will quickly give you an idea of where you fall on the spectrum.  

To get your hands on this assessment, you can download it at  


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How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant Facebook Community


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Mar 15, 2018

So today, I want you to meet Sarah.

Sarah is a mom to a beautiful little boy and she is trying to conceive for the second time but unfortunately suffered two miscarriages back to back.  

In this episode, we talk a lot about nutrition because Sarah is a vegetarian and has been for many years. Even though animal protein is my preferred source for proteins, I never ever force anyone to stop being a vegetarian.  So don’t worry, I do not try to convince Sarah to switch her eating habits.  But I give Sarah a few pointers on how to adjust her diet to boost her fertility.

Sarah is super inquisitive.  She asked a bunch of great questions that I think you’re going to love hearing the answers to.  Some of these questions I see coming up over and over again in our private group, so it’s going to provide clarity for those of you who are confused about certain concepts.

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How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant

Mar 8, 2018

It sounds familiar right?  

You're doing everything possible to improve your health and get pregnant, but your husband or partner doesn't seem to understand or willing to pull their fair share of the weight...especially when sperm quality issues are the reasons standing between you and your growing family.

In today's episode, I interview licensed counselor Kasandra Wheeler to get her top tips on how to start these difficult conversations with our S.O. without getting into a screaming match.  

Kasandra shares her tips on what to do when:

1.  Your husband doesn't seem to understand the emotional impact of the BFN.

2.  He has poor sperm quality but is unwilling to make the lifestyle changes.

3.  He is unwilling to explore other treatment options such as IVF, IUI, or alternative therapies.

Kasandra also shares her "Worry-Period" technique for reducing overall anxiety and depression.


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#58 - The One Thing I'm Scared to Tell You

Feb 22, 2018

This past Monday, I did something scary and felt really vulnerable.  In the special episode, I talked about how I’m restructuring all my programs hoping to serve you better and help you get pregnant.  But if I can be honest with you, it was kind of an emotional episode for me to record.  

Before I hit publish for that episode, I went through a range of emotions.  I was scared of being judged. In my head I was playing out what other people would say, like “oh there she goes again, wishy-washy,  always changing things up.”  Or “that was one huge sales pitch and she’s just using this as an opportunity to promote her program.”  I also felt like I’ve let other people down.  It felt like I had pulled the rug from underneath all the people that were perhaps thinking about joining the membership site.  Also I felt like I’ve let myself down, like a failure that after two years here I am back at square one and still figuring things out.  

Over the years, somehow I got it in my head that my self-worth is tied to how others think of me.  I always feel like I have to maintain a certain image and have to be perfect.

But, I sort of had a moment after I hit publish on Monday for the special episode.  As I worked through all my emotions, I said to myself, “wow, how will I inspire others to take action and face their fears if I am not leading by example.”  

So that brings me to today’s episode.  

I am going to take the first step towards conquering my fear of being judged or criticized by sharing something that I’ve been afraid to tell you.  

This is going to be pretty deep, and I appreciate the fact that you’re giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts as I work towards more self compassion and more self acceptance.  

So let’s dive in.

Feb 15, 2018

Today, we’re going to be talking about a healthy diet vs a fertile diet and I’m going to shock you by talking about one hormone that’s the most crucial for fertility (hint: it’s not estrogen.)

Anytime I post anything about nutrition or diet, the posts always generate the most responses.  I think this an area that most people struggle with.  Food across all cultures bring up emotions for everyone, whether it’s joy, sadness, anger, fear, whatever.  Humans have such deep emotional connection to food because we have to eat to live.  

But what I find is that there are lots of misconceptions around nutrition and what’s healthy what’s not.  I have a dramatically different viewpoint on nutrition than a lot of other practitioners and coaches.  I don’t believe a healthy diet is necessarily a fertile diet, but type in fertiles diets in google, and your eyes might pop out from the number of results and also the different people telling you different things.  

So the purpose of this episode is not to convince you that what I recommend is the best, or which diet you should be following.  But I hope this episode can really explain how nutrition plays a role to help you get pregnant or how it can actually be preventing you from getting pregnant if you’re not eating a fertile diet.  I’m a firm believer that knowledge is power, if you truly understand a concept then it becomes easier to make changes and stick to a plan.  


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Feb 8, 2018

I don’t know if this sounds like you...but, in my ten years of coaching women on how to get pregnant, I’ve seen this plenty of times.  

At some point of your journey, you’re going to get to a point where you feel defeated because nothing you’re doing is working.  At times you may even question your own will power, maybe I’m just not cut out for this. This happens so frequently, and it’s not your fault.

 So in today’s episode, I want to talk about how to regain your motivation when you feel defeated.  I want to help you to get back to when you first started trying-to-conceive, to that level of excitement you had before any of the heartaches and disappointments started to take over.  

I know how hard it can be to keep charging forward when you feel like the odds are stacked up against you, when you feel alone, when you feel sad and depressed.  

There is no magic pill that you can take to go from” one minute laying on the floor crying” to “the next minute you’re ready to conquer the world.”  But I’m going to share with you my tips and tricks to help you get back on the horse, and keep moving forward towards your goal.  


Let’s dive right in.


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#49 - How to overcome limiting beliefs that are preventing you from pregnancy (Part 1)

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Feb 1, 2018

Today, we’re going to talk about male fertility because guess what, it still takes two-to-tango, and you need a sperm and an egg to get pregnant.

Male fertility sometimes gets overlooked.  And I don’t know if it’s something deeper but when a couple is having trouble conceiving, the woman is the presumed person with the problem.  But here is the scary thing,  male fertility issues now account for 40% of all infertility cases.  

So in this episode, I’m going to give you an overview of male fertility, from a western point of view and from a chinese medicine perspective.  When it comes to male fertility,  the nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement requirements are slightly different than female fertility.  We’re going to get to all that eventually in upcoming episodes, but today we’re just going to be looking at the bigger picture of male fertility.   I also get a lot of questions about how to read semen analysis results so I’m going to go over that as well.  

I firmly believe that the more information you have, the more empowered you will be and the better decisions you will make.  So let’s dive right in.  


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Jan 25, 2018

Today’s guest is Hilary, a member of the Practically Fertile™ Club.

Hilary reached out to me on one of our group coaching calls, and I decided to offer her the honor coaching opportunity because I needed more information about her situation to be able to answer her questions.  I also thought it might be helpful to some of you who are in the same situation.

Hilary has been trying-to-conceive for 5 years.  She’s currently in between IVF cycles and her major challenge is getting the uterine lining to the optimal thickness for a frozen embryo transfer.

In this coaching call, I help Hilary make tweaks to her nutrition plan and exercise plan to boost the amount of blood flow to the uterus.

Keep in mind that even though everyone is different and Hilary’s plan isn’t necessarily the right plan for you, you’re still going to gain new understanding and learn tips and tricks whether you’re on the IVF journey or you’re trying to conceive naturally.

Let’s dive into my live 1-on-1 honor coaching call with Hilary.


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