How To Get Healthy and Get Pregnant

Why am I not pregnant yet? How do I chart my body temperature? What foods should I be eating? How do I know if I'm ovulating? When is the best time to do the baby dance? These are all the questions swimming in your head if you're a woman who is trying to get pregnant. And let's face it, the internet is a crowded place for fertility information. It can be overwhelming and confusing. You don't have to sort through all of it on your own. Adrienne Wei, Acupuncturist and Integrative Fertility Guru with a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, is here to help. Her number one passion is to help women get pregnant and become the mother they are meant to be. Discover why thousands of women on the Trying-To-Conceive journey have turned to Adrienne to learn about her trademarked Practically Fertile™ Methodology.
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Jun 28, 2018

It’s hard to let things go sometimes- especially when we’re looking for answers. You’re not getting pregnant so CLEARLY it’s something you’re doing wrong, right?

Well… no, not always.

Sometimes it simply is just the timing... and has absolutely nothing to do with what flavor tea you’re drinking.

Yes, you do need to pay attention to lifestyle habits…

Yes, you do need to cut certain things from your diet…

And HECK YES, you do need to understand your cycle…

But still, there are just some things that you can officially toss in the “WHO CARES BUCKET!”

And that’s what we’re going to gab about today!

On today’s episode I’m going to:

----> Break down the top 4 things I hear people worrying about most…

----> Explain why they aren’t worth becoming a worry-wart over…

----> And there’s a little bonus “ah ha” moment about spleen energy and digestion I think you’re going to like…

Quit pulling your hair out over every little thing and join me to catch a breather.

TTC is exhausting <<<------- But when it comes to this, YOU control the level of chaos… and I think you’ll feel much better for doing so!

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Jun 21, 2018

Angie and I met over 10 years ago when we shared a mutual working space. Basically, as a fertility acupuncturist I helped women get pregnant and then as a massage therapist- with a focus on fertility and prenatal care- Angie helped them through their pregnancies.f

She was like the PB to my Jelly <3

And now she’s here to talk with us today! She’s basically a self-care guru and today we’ll be talking about the things you can do to help increase fertility and decrease pain or discomfort throughout the pregnancy from home.

In today’s episode of the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant podcast you’ll hear us dishing on:

---> All things massages: how it works for fertility, why to get them while pregnant, and how to find a massage therapist who specializes in them near you.

---> Castor Oil… and how to use it most effectively.

---> And of course more #selfcare hacks so you can take care of your body before, during and after baby!

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Jun 14, 2018

There’s nothing worse.  Like literally… nothing.

Here you are doing EVERYTHING you’re supposed to be doing: eating healthy, tracking your cycle, keeping your stress as low as possible and reading- or listening- up on #AllTheThings… and yet, there it is AGAIN!

So much for that stress.

It’s almost like it’s mocking you- telling you you’re not worthy <<----- Newsflash: NOTHING could be further from the truth.

Still, it hurts. Stings. Breaks you down and sometimes makes you want to throw in the towel. Trust me, after 10+ years in this sacred space, I’ve seen and heard it all- and I promise, you’re not alone.

On today’s episode of the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant podcast, I’m going over the 5 steps to overcoming disappointment after a BFN:

---> Yes, it is similar to the stages of grief- and owning those emotions is essential!

---> I’m going to open up about some of my own struggles in life and how I overcame those moments of being ready to quit…

---> And I have a freebie to help you outline the emotions you go through to help you walk through to the other side quicker and more effectively than letting it continue to build up and break you down.

Will the BFN ever get easier? Unfortunately not- but that doesn’t mean we give up our dream of starting a family, right?

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