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This fertility podcast cuts through the noise and zones in on the useful and practical tips to help you get pregnant . The show will provide fresh perspectives for someone who is trying to conceive by integrating modern functional medicine with Chinese medicine. The show's host, Adrienne Wei is a fertility expert with a background in Chinese medicine. She believes leopard print is a neutral color and champagne is appropriate any day of the year.
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Apr 6, 2017

I love my job dearly and I've helped hundreds of women conceive.  But inevitably, there are times of losses too. 

Today, I'm going to be talking about one of the scariest topics when it comes to TTC.  It's one of the biggest fears a woman will have and that is miscarriage.  To try so hard to achieve success, only to lose it is an incredibly painful process to deal with.  Physically and emotionally.

I get a ton of questions about what to do after a miscarriage, how to prevent a future one, and how to move on all the time.  I've decided to pick three of the most commonly asked questions on this topic and dive into detail about each one.

The three questions I'm going to cover are:

1.  What causes a miscarriage (there are actually three types of miscarriages)

2.  How to prevent a miscarriage

3.  When to start trying again

There's no easy way to recover from a miscarriage, but with each day it gets easier.  I hope the information in this episode will help you along the way, and provide comfort for you in knowing that you were a mother no matter how short the duration. 


Mar 30, 2017

So often, we make up stories for ourselves because we all hate to fail and hate to be disappointed.  But the stories trap us and prevents us from taking action. 

In today's episode (a shorter one than usual,) I talk about the one question you should be asking yourself when you feel defeated and unmotivated, and finding yourself derailed.  This question is something that people don't think about but it's exactly this questions that's going to set you up for success when times get tough. 


Mar 23, 2017

Many women are devastated with the diagnosis of high FSH and/or Low ovarian reserve.  They panic and assume that means they're out of eggs.  That's not true.

In this episode, I talk about what this diagnosis means from a Western medicine perspective.  The I give you three tips on how to improve your chances of getting pregnant and maximize each cycle. 


Mar 16, 2017

Every Friday in our private Facebook community How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant, I host a live Q&A session.  It's my favorite event and I look forward to it all week.

I love how I get to help answer burning questions about fertility and point people in the right direction when they're stuck.  The discussions we have in the group are  really, really good.  So I thought, I should share some of them with you so that you can at least get some of the valuable information and tips that are shared.

So for today's episode, I've hand-picked five of my favorite questions from the two months of Facebook Live sessions.  For those of you who are already part of the community, this maybe a refresher for you, or this maybe new information for you if you didn't get a chance to catch me Live. 

I hope you enjoy the show!

Mar 9, 2017

Endometriosis is one of the hardest conditions to diagnose because 40-50% of women don't have any symptoms.  It's only after years and years of trying with no success that a doctor would suspect endometriosis.

If you've been diagnosed with endometriosis, sometime it can be a relief to know why you've been struggling but it can also make you feel a bit hopeless because the options seem limited. 

In this episode, I give you a bit of technical background on endometriosis and why it affects your chances of becoming pregnant.  And as always I give you actionable tips to help you get started. 

I talk about diet considerations for this condition, a castor oil pack, and also a super useful supplement that you should be taking. 

To download today's freebie, please visit

Thanks for tuning in!  Have a great week. 



Mar 2, 2017

Happy Thursday!

I've been working hard on Practically Fertile, my online fertility-boosting program.  I have an entire module dedicated to emotional well-being in what I call the Happiness Formula. I give you techniques on how to overcome some challenges such as self-sabotaging and repeated negative behavior patterns as part of the formula. I’m not a psychotherapist so my techniques are based on taking action to reprogram and reframe your way of thinking.

 But, I’ve been noticing that over and over again in my practice and the private facebook group, that many people are struggling with things such as, how to say no to a baby shower, how to handle pregnancy announcements, how to create you own support system, how to deal with people who tell you “relax and it’ll happen,” How to deal with negativity from others without spiraling into a depression with them, and how to deal with all the emotions that come after a miscarriage.

And I thought these are real struggles people have, many people get into a funk or a downward spiral and either cant get themselves out of it, or don’t know how. There are some real and raw emotions that come with infertility and it’s hard to sort through them all. So the reprogram and reframe techniques might not work because sometimes you need to deal with the emotions that come up

 I knew I needed some extra help. So I thought as an added bonus, I would interview my good friend, and fertility counselor Johanna Hyland, LCSW to add an extra layer, to give another perspective and actionable tips to help people overcome these emotional challenges.

 Johanna is an expert in the field of fertility counseling and she has received extra training to incorporate mindfulness techniques into her practice.

 We had an amazing interview and it was one of the best I’ve ever done. And after the recording, I just thought the information was too good not to share with my listeners. We really dug in deep and she gave such valuable tips. So I thought I would take a portion of my interview with her and share it on the podcast. I’m not going to share the entire interview because I want to be fair to my future paying clients but I think you’re still going to get so much value and insights from what I’ve shared.

Some of the link I mentioned in the podcast are:

1.  How to get healthy and get pregnant Facebook group

2.  Johanna's website:

Enjoy and have a great week!

Feb 23, 2017

This week, we’re going to dig into another episode for the Now What Series. And specifically, we’re going to be talking about polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS.

Many of you know that I’ve struggled with PCOS even now, and you probably remember that I was diagnosed with PCOS in my early twenties. 

I chose not to take birth control pills because I was lucky enough to be in acupuncture school at the time and I was able to work with my teachers and fellow students to use myself as a guinea pig, and after few months, my cycles were regular. Now, to be clear, my cycles were never ever 28 days. They were always super long, between 35-38 days, but I would always get a cycle instead of going months without one. And I was able to conceive once my husband and I decided it was time for a baby.

 But after I had my daughter, I noticed that my symptoms of PCOS were creeping back up.  That’s when I realized that PCOS is a condition that I’m going to have to learn how to manage for life. I already knew how to treat PCOS with acupuncture, but I noticed that for certain patients, it wasn’t enough.

So I threw myself into researching PCOS, both for myself and for my patients, and I know so much more now then I did before and today, I’m going to share with you three tips that can quickly make a difference for you.

I appreciate you taking the time to listen in today! Please don't forget to help other find this podcast by giving me a review :)


Feb 16, 2017

So everyone knows that you must have a period in order to get pregnant.  But what about those who suffer from Hypothalamic Amenorrhea or HA?

Hypothalamic amenorrhea is a condition where a period is absent for longer than 6 months and usually caused by stress, under-eating, over-exercising, etc.  Logan suffered from HA after the birth of her second child, but she had this incredible drive and determination to get her health back on track.

You'll find in this interview:

  • How Logan discovered that she may have HA
  • The one thing that ultimately made a difference for her and helped her conceive
  • Her mindset through the TTC journey and how she found support, came to terms with her condition, and took action. 
  • A glimpse into her healthy lifestyle that she credits with her success, and her obsession with essential oils and Beautycounter, which is a non-toxic skincare brand. 

Logan was nice enough to share a freebie with us!  She gave us her recipe for making homemade hand sanitizer without all the toxic chemicals, and also a all-purpose cleaner. 

Here is how to get the freebie and some of the link mentioned in the show:

As always, don't forget to review us to help others find this podcast! 

Have a fantastic week!  See you next time. 

Feb 9, 2017

Today we're kicking off the Now What Series with unexplained infertility. 

In this episode, we explore places to look for answers and your options if you're not ready to jump into medical interventions. 

As frustrating as this diagnosis is, it doesn't define you.  You're not infertile.  


Feb 2, 2017

Welcome back to the How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant podcast!  Today is the official launch of season 2! 

In this episode, I'll be going over what to expect from this season and also tell you a bit about some exciting projects I'm working on.

After that, I invite you to take our Practically Fertile Pledge to begin a new way of thinking.  It's a commitment to a set of actions that will help you with negative situations. 

I've put the pledge into a document for you to download.  Please visit:

I'm excited to get this ball rolling!  Let's dive in!

Jan 5, 2017

I find myself at a cross-roads at the moment.  I love podcasting and it makes me happy to know that I'm helping someone to get one step closer to pregnancy. 

However, I'm also feeling like I'm not doing my listeners any favor by putting out random information.  So I've decided to switch to a season-based format which will allow a few weeks downtime for me to reflect on what I've learned, what worked, what didn't, and then put together a new season that's even better than the one before. 

I'm NOT quitting podcasting, so don't worry.  I will be back on to kick off Season 2 on February 2nd. 

If you miss me in the meantime, you can listen to any of the episodes from Season 1 at anytime. 

I also invite you to join my private Facebook group, How to Get Healthy and Get Pregnant.  Here is the link:

I can't wait to be back!  See you soon!

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